Welcome to 97.5 the Rock!

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We are proud to be the station of choice for Southern Illinois. Rocking the lakes and rolling the rivers since 2003, we pride ourselves on being unique in a world of corporate copy cats. WDLJ has been going through some changes and (we think) improvements in recent months. We are under new management and have a new positive outlook to bring you quality programming. With some of your all time favorites and new favorite personalities, we hope to have the mix to keep rocking Southern Illinois and beyond for many years to come.

Good news for all of our “out of the area” listeners…our on-line stream is scheduled to come back soon. This depends greatly on sponsorship, so get the word out to businesses to join 97.5 the Rock in answering the overwhelming requests to bring back the stream.

Our site is still evolving. Please be patient as we update and create 🙂

A big thanks goes out to our dedicated listeners and advertisers. You (and according to Queen, Fat Bottom Girls) are what makes the rockin’ world go round!