Momma G

I manage 14795874_10209931115327438_553305668_oone of the last of the great real rock radio stations. We are the station that still lets the DJs play what they want. We are the station whose DJs still answer the phone when you call in. The station where the staff is as real as the listeners. We operate on fumes of a budget. Half of the staff makes nothing and the other half makes just over minimum wage. Most of us have second or third jobs. But it is the best station around and we love it. It is small and poor, but mighty in spirit. My team is loyal and knowledgeable and like family to me. I love them all. Our listeners are unbelievably dedicated and our advertisers know this and keep us going. I’m always proud when I tune in to WDLJ. Whatever becomes of us, it’s pretty damn cool to think that, years from now, I might get to say, “Yes, grandma ran a real rock radio station and it kicked ass!”